Archipel Distribution is ON !

Archipel Distribution is ON !


Dear friends of Archipel,

Behind our scenes there’s been some beautiful developments: We moved to our new location in a former brewery and brought new people on board in the team. Now we’re all ready to offer what many of you have been waiting for:

We’re very excited to announce that starting from this week we’re launching Archipel.distribution. 

What is Archipel.distribution?

A project of the Albatross Bakery, with the aim of giving flexible access to high quality bulk products from trustworthy producers and traders. We’re growing the fine roots system of the regional supply chain. 

Why Archipel.distribution?

Although many of you in Berlin are interested in buying bulk quantities from these suppliers directly- in reality the minimum order amount would remain too high for your needs. The reason for these minimum orders is that for a supplier it is laborious to approach many small realities - both in logistics and in administration. This is where we step in. Through Archipel.distribution we’re bundling these orders and delivering them to you on our carbon-friendly cargo bikes. This way, the supplier has to deliver only once to us - and you  get access to products from great suppliers at a fair price. The cherry on the cake? You can avoid unnecessary packaging by ordering in bulk.

How do we choose products and therefore the businesses we want to work with?

We strongly support the values of Slow Food - international NGO and network - who have put it down quite precisely: Food needs to be good, clean, and fair. “Good” refers to the taste as the physical perception and its capacity to bring us pleasure. “Clean” points to sustainable practices that consider the ecosystems’ overall health - not only inside the farm or the production lab, but also in the often neglected aspect of logistics. Last but not least “fair” speaks about the social sphere. 

The latter is very important to us. We work with people that we trust and who are willing to enter in a relationship of understanding. We understand that food systems are complex and that dogmatic approaches build walls between people. Instead, we cherish understanding and solidarity as being key ingredients for the humus on which mutually beneficial relationships grow best. We will always choose the product as local as appropriate-  with an open eye for the regional specialities of other places. 

How does it work?

Conscious consumption needs good planning - you’ll see that it’s worth it. Place your order every week by Thursday in our online shop. You’ll see our lovely delivery crew’s faces the following week on Thursday or Friday. 

From now on we are continuously working on expanding the offer in the online shop. Up to now we have filled it with products that we think you might be interested in. We look forward to your suggestions and requests.

If you have any questions or doubts, please feel free to get in touch. We’re always happy for honest feedback from which we can only grow.


Your Archipel Team


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