Archipel & Urstrom Kaese
The Strakino is out !

Archipel & Urstrom Kaese<br>The Strakino is out !
We are proud and excited to announce our collaboration with Urstrom Kaese, "Strakino".

We decided to pay a visit to our long date partners Yule and Paul, who provided us with their wonderful dairy products since some time now, one of these being the Super Gold medal winner cheese : The Mulberry.

Wonderful coincidence: they've been producing Stracchino on that very day! A chance for us to capture some footage of the process, and also spend some time among the amazingly sociable and lovable Jersey cows.

You can watch the following video to learn more about this incredible fresh cheese.

What's "Strakino"?

Stracchino is a fresh cow milk cheese from northern Italy, with a fresh, mild, slightly acidic flavour, it can be enjoyed by itself, melted between a piadina or used in sweet and savoury dishes to bring a lightness and creaminess. Depending on your preference, you might want to devour it immediately or take your time: it's consistency will develop as it ages.

As Paul said best:
"When it's young, it's still quite firm. Like a very fresh mozzarella. Towards the end of the shelf life (about 10 days) it starts to slowly disintegrate into a delicious tasting puddle, and that's probably the time that I enjoy eating Stracchino the most."

Available for you at home on and through our network!

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