Honest Toil // Olive Oil

Honest Toil // Olive Oil
Honest Toil is a small company of two who have been working with unfiltered extra virgin olive oil from the Western Peloponnese for the last 7 years. What started as an experimental venture turned into a full-time commitment over this time. Spending half of the year in Greece and the other half between Budapest, Berlin and the UK, Honest Toil bring the high quality oil from our area to these three locations.

The oil is sourced from their own small lands as well as other smallholders in the villages around Kyparissia. Cold-pressed from koroneiki olives in the village presses of Armenios and Rises, the oil is unfiltered and unblended, as raw and simple as it gets: basically olive juice straight from the fruit into the can.
As the two owners have a uniquely direct control over the whole process from production to packing and delivery, they make sure that it is always the freshest oil available to the restaurants and delis they work with. It means a lot of hard work for them in November-December (harvest time) but it totally pays off.
Their ability to oversee the whole process also enables sustainability to be at the core of the project. The olives used for our oil come exclusively from small family farms and are hand-harvested using traditional methods. They are pressed within a few kilometres from the fields in family-owned village presses, and delivered by bike in Berlin and other cities.

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