Weide Ei // Free Range Eggs

Weide Ei // Free Range Eggs

The consumer's desire for animal-friendly husbandry in small groups, combined with outstanding quality, has motivated us to develop a unique operating concept. Every farmer wants to see a harmonious coexistence between animals and humans, while respecting nature. Not small feat, they just have to follow the chickens' hearts and the inner voice. Herbal meadows are an essential component for the maintenance of the health of our animals, but also balance through large runs.

Scrambling, pecking, resting on trees, flying, all this is part of a chicken's life. And ... it their task to give our chickens a beautiful life - they thank us with their wonderful eggs

The colour of the yolks changes with every season depending on what the animals are grazing on.Give these eggs a try, you will notice the difference the love attention makes to these eggs. They are the eggs your grandma brought home and made breakfast with.

Weide Ei and Albatross guarantee absolute freshness. When we at Archipel /Albatross receive an egg from Weide Ei, it is a maximum of 3 days old. In the trade the time is about 7 days and more. But also our way of direct marketing has its costs. The sum of all efforts and the welfare of our chickens, but also first-class taste and absolute freshness mean a very high expenditure of personnel and material. This ultimately also leads to a higher sales price. With your willingness to buy our grazing egg, you decide on your attitude towards the welfare of the animals, towards a biologically natural agriculture and finally to your own happiness.

Those who have already tried the WeideEi say that they are "addicted". The taste reminds some people of granny and grandpa's chicken eggs. Others say these eggs taste much better than "in the shop". So a big part of the success is the taste.



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