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Contemporary and quintessentially german

"After his cook’s apprenticeship at Neugrüns Köche on Schönhauser Allee, he embarked on a kitchen journey around the world where every stop had one thing in common: they all belonged to the innovative elite of contemporary dining, be it the uniquely remote Koks on the Färöer Islands or three-star Nordic powerhouse Maaemo in Oslo, Loco in Lisbon, or a stint at the legendary Noma Popup in Mexico.

Lucky for us, the sum of these experiences led Ursus to return to his roots in northeastern Berlin and eventually open “Otto” together with Cate Gowers, the formidable host, manager and sommelier of Otto (ex St. Johns, London), who Ursus was lucky enough to meet during a month-long summer takeover of Mrs. Robinson’s before the opening of the restaurant."

Text and photo : Berlin Food Stories

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