Monograno Felicetti | Conchiglioni Matt Wheat 500g


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Sometimes artisanal craft, passion, family bonds and dedication are met by technical savvy, forward thinking and entrepreneurial skills. When it happens, the results can be surprising, innovative, and yet still respectful of ancient traditions. 

One such case is Monograno Felicetti, a family business that steadily grew without compromising one bit in quality. Ancient grains are organically farmed in Puglia, their flour combined with the minerality of the Dolomiti mountains water flowing directly into the Felicetti pasta factory from their exclusive spring. Beautiful mechanical bronze dies cut and form the pasta into a variety of shapes, of which we chose our three favorite ones for our web shop:

Monograno Felicetti | Conchiglioni Matt Wheat - The biggest of the Conchiglie family. Crafted from rigorously selected matt, a strong and rich variety of durum wheat organically grown in Puglia, these conchiglioni are a testament to Felicetti's commitment to quality. The shape, reminiscent of seashells or "conchiglioni," features a ridged exterior and a deep bowl interior, designed to cradle all types of sauces.

"What can I do with this type of pasta?" you ask. If you look up Conchiglioni Ripieni (meaning "filled seashells"), you'll find a wide range of fillings and sauces to fill your pasta before baking. Ricotta, scamorza  and fresh spinash, tomato, ground beef and mozzarella, bechamel, grilled vegetables with mozzarella and basil... there must be one for you !  And we might also deliver most of these ingredients, directly from Italy thanks to Puro.