Archipel Berlin

Stolze Kuh

Why does our cheese always taste different?

“Each batch of our cheese has different nuances. This is because our cows look for their own feed on large pastures in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. In order not to bother the ground-breeder, only one cow per 10,000m2 is allowed to graze. 
So they eat reeds one day, freshly grown greens and all the herbs in between the other. Because wild plants have a higher mineral content and also contain valuable oils, this of course also has an impact on the milk. If we process these raw, all the phytochemicals are retained. 
The impressive yellow color of Proud Udo (eponymous letters from the Lower O Valley) comes from the carotene in the grass. Of course we don't mix anything in!
Our form of holistic agriculture is unique in Germany. We don't know of any other farm that milks in the national park.”

The products from this vendor will be back soon !