Archipel Berlin

Weide Ei

Our philosophy

"What you do not want, what is being done to you, do not do it to anyone else". This so-called golden rule, an old and widespread principle of practical ethics, also applies to our animals. First and foremost, what must we do to keep the chicken well? The well-being of our chickens is therefore very important and we are constantly working to improve and perfect it.

With our WeideEi mobile stable , which we developed from our own practice, we ensure that our chickens have lush greenery and valuable herbs at their disposal at all times. By moving the WeideEi mobile stable at least every 14 days, we avoid over-thinning, devastation of the sward and parasite infestation. Scratching and pecking is a basic need of chickens. But the willow is destroyed very quickly. Thanks to its mobility, our WeideEi mobile barn compensates for the many large semi-mobile barns that are now on the market, often with more than 1,000 chickens.

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