100pct Nikos Maroulakos Olive Oil

100pct Nikos Maroulakos Olive Oil


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The organic olive oil comes from mixed olive groves planted in equal parts with Athinoelia and Koroneiki olive trees. The Athinoelia olive, which is native to Lakonia, Peloponnese, is used both for the production of olive oil and as an edible olive, for which it is usually harvested green. It is characterized by a fruity-tart taste, which can also be clearly expressed in olive oil.

Processed olive varieties: Koroneïki and Athinoelia
Producer: Nikos Maroulakos
Harvest: November 2019
(100% oil from this season)
Extracted at: Yannis Stathakis, first cold extraction (max. 27 °C)

Ingredients: Extra virgin organic olive oil

Bottled: January 2020
Product from Greece
Best before: January 2022
Lot: 020101
Store bottle in a dark and cool place.

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