Buriana 2018

Buriana 2018


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Rocket Wine


Jacopo Stigliano - Emilia Romagna, IT  

Grape: Maceration White of Chardonnay/Sauvignon Blanc, Trebbiano

This is Jacopo's first wine under his own label (2000 bottles produced). The young winemaker has over ten years of winemaking experience already . He has worked for some of the most respected natural winemakers in Italy such as Costadila (Veneto) and Franco Terpin (Friuli). His project is to work exclusively with very old vineyards (over 100 years old) and make wine in a traditional way which means macerating the juices with the skin of the grapes for a few days (some call it orange wine). This one is a short maceration of 8 days followed by an aging in amphoras. 

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