Albatross | Paulick’s Mühle Wholegrain Spelt Flour - 1kg

Albatross | Paulick’s Mühle Wholegrain Spelt Flour - 1kg


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Albatross, Bakery, Bread


A whole grain Spelt flour.

Used by Albatross bakery.

Spelt is the most famous ancient grain and a variety of wheat, nutritionally similar to wheat, it contains more protein and zinc and has a delicious nutty aroma and a hearty taste. As it is a variety of wheat, it also contains gluten

Great for replacing wheat flours in any recipe you can think of!

Paulick’s Mühle in Spreewald has been running nonstop for 130 years. 

Dirk Paulick and his son Stephan run the mill as the 5th and 6th generation in the Paulick family business.

Paulick’s philosophy of organic, regional and sustainability runs through every aspect of the mill. The grains are organic from certified farmers in the region,  and the mill runs exclusively on water power,

This way Paulick be provide a real economic alternative to the larger mill industry, supporting small craft bakeries with quality flour and supporting regional producers.