Andi Mann | Rötlich - 2021

Andi Mann | Rötlich - 2021


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Origin: Germany - Rheinhessen
Grapes: 45% Portugieser/Cabernet Dorsa, 30% Dornfelder, 12.5% Merlot, 12.5% Bacchus
Process: The wine is a blend of various grapes, each contributing to its unique profile. It undergoes a half-mash, half-direct press process. The wine is unfiltered and unsulfured, making it a 100% natural wine.

Flavor Profile: This wine is a summer red that invites you to chill and enjoy. It has a balanced alcohol content of 10% and offers a refreshing experience. The wine is best enjoyed chilled and presents a harmonious blend of fruitiness and acidity.

About the Producer:
Andi Mann's winery is not just another name in the wine world; it's a statement of intent. While others might label their wine as Rosé, Andi Mann prefers the term "Rötlich," capturing the essence of this light, yet flavorful wine. The winery is located in Rheinhessen, Germany, and is known for its natural wines. The Rötlich is a testament to the winery's commitment to organic and natural winemaking, offering a wine that is as close to nature as it gets. It's a wine for all seasons—perfect for spring, a hit in summer, wonderful in autumn, and a cozy companion in winter.