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New year, new breakfast ?
Not really, we just started with some greek yogurt and granola...Then it quickly got out of hand.

1 x Albatross Catering | Peanut Butter Granola 350g (Vegan)


Albatross Catering's peanut butter granola!

A blend of oats and puffed rice, seeds and nuts, bound together with peanut butter and cinnamon.

Crunchy, rich, flavourful and incredibley moreish, best enjoyed doused with oat milk, with yogurt or as a topping for desserts or sliced fruits. 

Or put on your favourite series and eat from the bag.


Ingredients: OATS, puffed rice, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, peanuts, walnuts, cinnamon, margarine (rapeseed oil, water, coconut oil, shea butter oil, almond butter, salt, emulsifier (sunflower lecithin), carrot juice, lemon juice, natural flavours), sugar, salt.


1 x Koukakis | Authentic Greek Yoghurt 150g (add one for 2 persons)

Yoghurt from pure, fresh Koukakis Farm milk.  The full taste of authentic Greek yoghurt with the traditional, rich flavor and velvety texture: 10% fat - the real deal!
The Koukakis Farm controls every stage of the production chain from food to shelf:  they cultivate durum and soft wheat, oats, barley, alfalfa, cardoon  in the valley of Kato Apostoli in Kilkis, and feed them to their herds grazing in the heart of the Macedonian land.
Killer combinations: our Thyme Honey or Mighty Mandarine marmelade from Kevin Kocht, with a generous sprinkle of our famous, housemade Albatross granola.

1 x Albatross | Croissant

There is a three-day process behind Albatross' version of the French staple: 

On day one, they mix.
On day two, they laminate and shape.
On day three, they bake and we deliver to you! 

The dough is a blend of local and Italian wheat and spelt, leavened with yeast and sourdough. The butter is the best we can find locally, from Gläserne Mölkerei. The end result is a flaky, melty croissant that will satisfy even the most discerning Parisien. 

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 


1 x Albatross | Queen A

The queen of indulgent pastries: The Queen A (AKA Kouign Amann) 

The process starts with croissant dough, which is knotted into the Kouign Amann's characteristic shape, then caramelized with sugar and butter. Finally, it is topped with crunchy sea salt. Yas queen!

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 


1 x Barlotti | Bufala Butter 250g


Elegant, delicate, yet round and deep: made from 100% Bufala milk, this butter expresses the fattiness of this criminally underutilised milk to its fullest, and still surprises with its balance and versatility. Be it on crostini with our Sicilian anchovies from Campisi or with a croissant, melt on top of a steak or just shamelessly enjoyed pure with a spoon like an ice cream (it’s that good), this little jewel will immediately improve your overall cooking skills with zero effort.

1 x Albatross | House Baguette

Our sourdough baguette is made of naturally leavened wheat dough, with a slow overnight fermentation. There’s a little extra spelt and rye in the mix to give it great texture and delicious taste.

Perfectly chewy on the outside; soft on the inside. Classique.

70% wheat
15% rye
15% spelt

Approx 400g

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 

1 x Gartenhaus Testorf | Strawberry Jam 240g

Inspired by the taste of the Senga Sengana strawberry variety: firm, dark red fruits that taste intense and very aromatic. Marinated overnight with a little redcurrant juice, a little sugar and apple pectin before boiling them down in small batches to make a fresh and fruity spread with a special texture.

Small batches, made with carefully selected fresh fruit in copper pots, with a very high percentage of fruit and many handed down secret techniques.

1 x Umbio | Apple Juice from Uckermarkt 1L

A beautifully balanced mixture of different apple varieties from meadow orchards. This mixture of acidic and sweet varieties gives the juice its unique taste.


100% Organic Direct Juice from Meadow Orchards: Grown, Pressed and Bottled in the Uckermark Region. UMBio juices are not filtered to preserve their typical taste and are therefore naturally cloudy. We also ensure that the flavours and aromas are preserved by gentle pasteurisation at a temperature of <80°C. This means that you can enjoy the unique taste of UMBio juices. So you can enjoy 100% fruit!

1 x Vote | Albatross Blend 250g



Passiflora Tolima Regional Lot
Beshasha G2
Cafeina Women's Group

40% Colombia: 40% Ethiopia: 20% Brazil
Washed / Washed / Natural
Tasting notes
Dark chocolate, black tea, peach, nougat

This lot is a blend of coffees from 20 small-holder farmers who live in Tolima, Colombia. With consultation from the farmers' cooperative Cedro Alto, the growers consolidate their coffee cherries into a regional lot. The coffee is exported by Azahar. You'll notice a high-body, fudge-like sweetness, and the flavour of Pink Lady Apple.

Beshasha G2
Mustefa Abakeno operates a mill named Beshasha in the Jimma area of Western Ethiopia. It is standard practice in Ethiopia to grade all beans from 1-9 based on quality. This lot is a grade 2, making it slightly more affordable than the highly-desired grade 1 lots. Mustefa has his own exporting license, which allows him and his neighbours to sell his coffee directly to importers and roasters.
Beshasha adds floral aromas and stonefruit flavours to the blend.

Cafeina Women's Group
Cafeina was formed in 2019 and today has over one thousand members. It is a sub-group of the much larger Cocatrel Cooperative in Sul de Minas, Brazil. One of Cafeina's aims is to use peer to peer training to help elevate coffee quality to "specialty" standards.