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Archipel Berlin


1x Albatross | House Baguette

Our sourdough baguette is made of naturally leavened wheat dough, with a slow overnight fermentation. There’s a little extra spelt and rye in the mix to give it great texture and delicious taste.

Perfectly chewy on the outside; soft on the inside. Classique.

70% wheat
15% rye
15% spelt

Approx 400g

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 


1x Domaine des Canailles | Vieille Canaille 2020


Grape : Gamay, partly aged in 600L old barels.
Flavor profile : Fruity and Leathery

Jeff says :
" It' good…Like riding a horse with a mouth full of Cherries and Blackberries ! ;) "


1x Jumi Käse | La Bouse

± 180g

"La Bouse", or in German "der Kuhfladen", is produced in the Swiss town of Zäziwil.

As the name suggests, it’s made from cow milk. The trick is that during the production process, cream from the day before is cured overnight so that it can then be added to the fresh raw milk - creating this wonderfully creamy soft cheese.

Tastewise, La Bouse has a broad spectrum, its white mold mantle resulting in a slightly furry surface that offers an unforgettably light and fresh experience on the tongue.