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It is faster than a pizza delivery, and it's more delicious than most of them.

1x Nuvola | Pinsa Romana Classica

The original Roman Pinsa!
A secret mix of flours and a long leavening to ensure digestibility, lightness and crunchiness: all this is the Pinsa Romana which, thanks to NUVOLA, can be prepared at home.
Nuvola is Pinsa's ready-made base, spread by hand and packaged in a modified atmosphere to maintain the freshness and characteristics of a freshly baked Pinsa.
Combine it with Salemipina's Passata and the lovely Bocconcini from Barlotti (thrown only a few seconds in the oven) to re-create the magic of a top-level Gourmet Roman experience with just 5 minutes of commitment in the coziness of your Berliner kitchenette.

1x Salemipina | Passata di Pomodoro

The universal starting point for the preparation of incredible sauces, gravies and ragouts. Ideal for pizza (or our new Pinsa!) and pasta dishes alike.
Sweetness, low acidity, velvet consistency.


Tomatoes* (99%), sea salt.
May contain traces of celery and nuts.
*From organic farming

No added sugar, no preservatives. Product suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

1x Barlotti | Bocconcini di Bufala DOP 50g

Bocconcini di Bufala - 5 x 50 g

 From Campania or not? D.O.P. or Bio? Even the more practical debate among true mozzarella aficionados, “Aversa or Battipaglia?” - summarising one’s allegiance to the usually more savory Aversana school or the southern, sweeter Paestum way - is mostly a false dichotomy. What matters is the name behind the product.

Barlotti is undoubtedly a revered name in the gourmet circles, and for good reason: this family produces one of the most renowned Mozzarella di Bufala since the early 1900’s. They use only milk from their herd, fed with self-produced vegetables in one of the most beautiful commercial farms you’ll ever see.

They worked tirelessly throughout the years to improve their production process to increase shelf life and logistics, giving us the opportunity to try a true, state-of-the-art mozzarella in Berlin.

We have three sizes available, weekly delivered by our friends from Siziliessen:

• The 125gr is the classic one, balanced and slightly acidic, with clear hay and barn notes typical of high-quality buffalo milk.

• Then we have the Bocconcini, 50 gr jewels that pop and melt in your mouth, emphasizing the sweeter side of the organoleptic spectrum.

• The third option is a 250 gr Mozzarella Affumicata: this big boy is naturally smoked with hay and wood.  We recommend cutting it in thin slices to maintain the perfect balance between its intense, charred skin and its milky heart.