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Archipel Berlin


For rainy days, or not.

1 x Klaar | Cuvée 2 - Pet Nat Cider 2020

Pet Nat Cider

25% Cox Orange

25% Boskop

25% Ingrid Marie

25% Finkenwerder Herbstprinz

 Style: Pétillant naturel Cider made of old 'Altländer' apple varieties. Combined to create a full-bodied and spicy cider that goes well in autumn.

 Characteristics: 7.0% vol. / Bubbles / dry / unfiltered / no added sulfur (<10 mg / l)

Full-bodied smell of ripe apples and spices. Fine Bubbles  and a powerful taste with a handy tannin structure.

The perfect companion through the autumn.


All fermented individually, then cuvéetted and filled during fermentation. After bottle fermentation and adequate aging, disgorged by hand in end of July 2021. Most of the lees have been removed.



1 x Albatross | House Baguette

Our sourdough baguette is made of naturally leavened wheat dough, with a slow overnight fermentation. There’s a little extra spelt and rye in the mix to give it great texture and delicious taste.

Perfectly chewy on the outside; soft on the inside. Classique.

70% wheat
15% rye
15% spelt

Approx 400g

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 



1x Albatross | Queen A

The queen of indulgent pastries: The Queen A (AKA Kouign Amann) 

The process starts with croissant dough, which is knotted into the Kouign Amann's characteristic shape, then caramelized with sugar and butter. Finally, it is topped with crunchy sea salt. Yas queen!

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 




1x Barlotti | Bufala Butter


Elegant, delicate, yet round and deep: made from 100% Bufala milk, this butter expresses the fattiness of this criminally underutilised milk to its fullest, and still surprises with its balance and versatility. Be it on crostini with our Sicilian anchovies from Campisi or with a croissant, melt on top of a steak or just shamelessly enjoyed pure with a spoon like an ice cream (it’s that good), this little jewel will immediately improve your overall cooking skills with zero effort.



1x La Perle des Dieux | Sardines

Mademoiselle Lulu - Vintage 2020

Mademoiselle Lulu continues her artistic odyssey and takes us to the heart of the Paris Opera to admire the revisited “Swan Lake”. An ode to joy that is both poetic and fascinating. Inspired by one of our emeritus sardines, this muse overflowing with femininity is the fruit of the imagination of Coralie Joulin, painter from La Rochelle.

Fished in the heart of the season off the coast of Saint-Gilles-Croix-de-Vie, the vintage sardines reflect a know-how of excellence perpetuated since 1887. These sardines with an exceptional fat content (over 12%) are true vintages to keep, turned regularly, they can be refined for 10 years! A decade that allows them to soften and confuse, an essential ritual to appreciate all the qualities of these precious sardines.