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Different than the Treat Yourself Pack 1.0, as good and limited.

This pack includes :

1 x Cortijo Sierra la Solana 1878 | Queso Madurado de Oveja 
100% artisan cheese with natural and edible rind that is presented in an attractive and practical small size of 300grs. With a maturation of 45 days, it is a very tasty cheese on the palate. It is recommended to eat its bark as it intensifies its flavor even more.

The bark of Sierra La Solana has a totally natural character so it is suitable for consumption. In fact, it is recommended to eat it, especially during the first three months since the flavor and aftertaste of the cheese intensifies. Smell of medium intensity, characteristic of evolved sheep's milk, elegant and fruity. Lactic and cava notes. When cut, it has a firm paste and buttery texture. It is a short pasta cheese since it has a low elasticity to the touch. In the mouth it has a firmness of type and a solubility also of medium type (it dissolves well in the mouth releasing little saliva); it sticks a bit to the teeth (medium stickiness) and has a good buttery, which manifests itself in a very pleasant greasy sensation. The granularity or ease with which we perceive the grain during chewing, it is of a fine or floury-weak type. It has a lactic touch, due to its acidity, with hints of sweet cereal and fruity notes. Frank and balanced taste of salt. Elegant acidity with a mixture of clean and fruity animal aromas (olives). Pleasant aftertaste of nuts (hazelnut) and a slight spiciness well integrated into the whole that is accentuated over time. High persistence in the mouth. Over time it evolves towards more intense flavors, typical of maturation (subtle rancid, leathery, spicy) and notes of slightly toasted nuts. Pleasant aftertaste of nuts (hazelnut) and a slight spiciness well integrated as a whole that is accentuated over time. 

1 x Kamara Winery | Shadow Play White 2020

Thessaloniki - Greece
Grape : assyrtiko 100% 
Flavor profile: Full bodied- Floral - Buttery - Herbal

1 x Albatross | House Loaf

1kg of sourdough goodness.

Naturally leavened wheat bread, with a slow overnight fermentation. There’s a bit of spelt and rye in the mix for more tasty drama. Dusted with polenta to give it a great crunchy crust.

Good to eat for between 2-3 days, and makes nice toast after.

70% wheat
15% rye
15% spelt


Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 

1 x Sapori Mediterranei | Pezzente della montagna Materana


“Pezzente” is an old Italian term that can roughly be translated with “beggar”, and refers to the origins of peasant life, to the need to preserve the meat as long as possible and, above all, to make the most of every part of the pig. While the noble parts were used by the peasants for the production of Soppressata, Pancetta and Guanciale, the least valuable cuts were reserved for this perfect example of zero-waste production, circular economy, resilient integrated systems, way before any of those ideas was conceptualized. 
Sweet Senise pepper reduced to powder, wild fennel, fresh minced garlic and sea salt was added to the meat mixture. The same operations are still carried out today in an absolutely manual way by Giovanni and his team at Sapori Mediterranei, in the beautiful hills of Lucania - another master artisan introduced to the Berlin community by our friends from Siziliessen.