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1x The Sausage Man Never Sleeps | Streaky Bacon

English style dry-cured smoked bacon. The traditional strips of thick-cut porky goodness.

Ingredients (Allergens in Bold): Pork Belly, Pickling Salt (E250), Molasses.

Shelf life is 28 days from packing date.


1x Albatross | House Loaf

1kg of sourdough goodness.

Naturally leavened wheat bread, with a slow overnight fermentation. There’s a bit of spelt and rye in the mix for more tasty drama. Dusted with polenta to give it a great crunchy crust.

Good to eat for between 2-3 days, and makes nice toast after.

70% wheat
15% rye
15% spelt


Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 


1x Vote | Albatross Blend 250g


This Blend is the result of a close collaboration between Albatross Bakery and the folks at Vote Coffee.

The primary ingredient of the blend is the washed Jiramoto from Ethiopia. It is roasted to a relatively low level of acidity while keeping its berry jam characteristics and highlighting fragrant notes of almond and milk chocolate.
The base layer of the blend is a brazilian natural coffee, the Cafeina Womens Group. It gives the body a boost, intensifies the nuttiness and balances the fruit.

This coffee is a great companion for all your pastry desires, no matter if it's black or white.


1x Albatross | Croissant

There is a three-day process behind Albatross' version of the French staple: 

On day one, they mix.
On day two, they laminate and shape.
On day three, they bake and we deliver to you! 

The dough is a blend of local and Italian wheat and spelt, leavened with yeast and sourdough. The butter is the best we can find locally, from Gläserne Mölkerei. The end result is a flaky, melty croissant that will satisfy even the most discerning Parisien. 

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 



1x Albatross | Pain au Chocolat

It’s a three-day process to make Albatross' chocolate-filled croissants.

The dough is a blend of local and Italian wheat and spelt, leavened with yeast and sourdough. The chocolate is high-quality, 60% cocoa. And the butter we use is really good local stuff, from Gläserne Molkerei, for the flakiest, meltiest croissants.

Supplied by Albatross Bakery, Graefestr. 



1x Free-range Eggs from Brandenburg (6 pack)

Eggs are back! Not only they're big, delicious, and with a lovely thick bright yellow yolk that already shines in the pastry section at Albatross (the improved Crème Brulée being the most obvious piece of evidence) - they are also sustainably produced in Brandenburg by Berg-Hof-Osteroda - the same people who supply the best of Berlin's gourmet scene with fowl meat & eggs with their Wildfasanarie project.