Artisanal Manchego | Castilla - La Mancha


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± 375g
Aged for at least 6 months.

The unmistakable flavor and texture of Chisquero cheese are the result of the dedication and experience of several generations of artisan cheesemakers. Raw Manchegan sheep's milk, natural rennet and salt are the only ingredients, without additives or colorings.

Its flavor reflects the sheep's diet and, therefore, their terroir: Finca La Granja takes great care of the health of their free-range animals, and considers it an integral aspect of the production.
Keeping this process intact for almost two centuries made Chisquero cheese one of the most awarded artisan cheeses from La Mancha, both in the Iberian Peninsula and
internationally: the cheese is matured at least 6 months, over which its natural rind is lightly brushed with layers of extra virgin olive oil.

Fun fact: since Manchego and Pecorino are ancient cousins, this beauty happens to be a killer choice for a godly (and, surprisingly, philologically appropriate) Carbonara.