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Backensholzer Hof

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NOTE : Every piece is freshly cut by hand directly from the wheel. Size and price might vary every week.

The Deichkäse matures for a minimum of 18 months and is cared for with white wine and a special rind solution so that it develops its typical aroma. Like all Backenholzer cheeses, the Deichkäse has an edible natural rind.

The flavour is in between a mature cheddar and comte with the sharpness of an aged parmiaggiano. Sweet, nutty, strong flavoured and perfectly balanced. The texture wonderfully crystalised and melting in the mouth. Enjoy as is, grated on pasta dishes, on top of anything being baked or broken into salads. Very very good cheese.

Focusing on regional cheese making traditions, Backensholz's cheeses are new interpretations of generation old recipes and techniques, each batch unique and carefully made by hand. Since 2022 the farm has also been producing it's own renewable energy from solar panels and biogas from plant and animal waste, producing enough electricity to power their farm and over 2000 households.

The award winning Backensholz Hofkäserei is located in Schleswig Holstein, 50kms south of Flensburg. The name "Backensholz" comes from Danish and means "behind the forest". The small village is not only the origin of the organic products, but also a home. A family business for generations - today run by Martina and Ernst Metzger Petersen according to Bioland guidelines. Using raw milk from their own herd, grazing on grass and feed grown exclusively on their farm, Backensholz has been producing exceptional cheeses since 1991.