Backensholzer Hof | Fresh Goat Cheese 150g


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Backensholzer Hof

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This cheese is produced from goat milk sourced from the farm's own herd of goats, ensuring a high level of quality control and traceability, using traditional methods.

Though it doesn't contain as much fat as a cow milk cheese, it isn't less rich and creamy with a unique, mild, and slightly tangy flavor that is characteristic of goat cheeses.

Enjoy it on bread or by the spoon, with some jam or honey, or mix it with lemon zest and fresh herbs to enhance its freshness.

The Backensholzer farm is known for its commitment to organic farming practices. The goat milk used in the production of the Ziegenfrischkäse is sourced from controlled organic production, ensuring that the cheese is free from any chemical residues and is safe for consumption.