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A raw sheep's milk cheese with unique characteristics, such as the Bagnod family's very recent idea of ​​milking sheep in a mountain pasture in the Ayas Valley and processing the milk to obtain the Great Pinstripe.
Gran Gessi is a unique cheese for the context of Valle d'Aosta dairy products: the choice of raising dairy sheep first and foremost and following the production technique. We are in the mountain pastures, from 2000 to 3000 meters of Alpe Vascoccia, at the foot of Monte Rosa: the pastures are rich, rich in excellent legumes that give the milk intense aromas. This is how Gran Gessi was born, from a delicious milk made using a traditional local technique.
The rennet curd undergoes a break to the size of a grain of corn, stirred in a boiler and then extracted. The pasta then ends up in cylindrical containers, for a period ranging from 2 to 4 days.
Finally, it is broken into cubes and finely chopped, salted and placed back in containers, where it is pressed.
Aging takes place in stone, wood and natural mountain pasture spring water environments. The Great Pinstripe has a wrinkled rind and a brown color. The grainy, straw-colored paste is more intense depending on the seasoning.
It can be naturally marbled, with green veins.
The Bagnod farm has been combining tradition, experience and modern technologies for over 70 years to offer food of great value.
Each process is an authentic work of art: the products are handcrafted with selected fresh raw materials, responding to high quality standards and following rigorous methods handed down for generations.
The company can count on several different production sites, in Valle d'Aosta and Piedmont, but only in the pasture in Val d'Ayas, La Tchavana, that the Bagnod family is dedicated to the production of dairy products and cheeses (above all fontina DOP) and the magnificent Gran Gessi d'Ayas.