Barlotti | Ricotta di Bufala 250g


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Barlotti Ricotta di Bufala is a luscious and delicate fresh dairy delight made from premium buffalo milk. The buffalo whey is separated from the curd, which makes it a fresh dairy product, not belonging to the category of cheeses.

The result is a creamy, smooth and soft texture with a subtle, fresh taste that is unique to buffalo ricotta. No rind, but a porcelain like white and shiny surface.

To fully appreciate the distinct flavor and aroma of buffalo ricotta, we recommend to let it breathe for approximately 20 minutes after removing it from the fridge.

It should also be stored in its original wrapping without any additional materials that may hinder its ability to breathe.

Buffalo ricotta's versatility is unmatched, making it a popular ingredient in both sweet and savory dishes. Its creamy texture and delicate flavor make it the perfect accompaniment to pastries, salads, or a delicious pasta dish.

A must-try for any food enthusiast looking to elevate their culinary creations.

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