Vote Coffee Roastery - Ethiopia - Birhanu Tesema

Vote Coffee Roastery - Ethiopia - Birhanu Tesema


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Producer: Birhanu Tesema

Washing Station/ Collective: Jabanto Group

Importer: Clima

Region: Wegida, Yirgachefe, Ethiopia

Varieties: JARC 74110 & 74112 and Kurume

Processing: Natural

Flavour Profile: Blackberry Jelly, Sweets, Red Grapes

Roast: Filter, Espresso

The region of Yirgachefe in Ethiopia has a long-standing reputation for producing some of the best coffees in the world. This particular coffee, grown and produced by Birhanu Tesema, exemplifies all the characteristics that we’ve come to love about coffees from Yirgachefe. It is citric, floral, and (as the result of careful fermentation) tastes like berries at just the perfect ripeness.

The coffee cherries grow at high-altitude and, as is typical in many parts of Ethiopia, under light shade from forest trees. Both of these factors contribute to a long-ripening time for cherries, which leads to them developing flavour-complexity and intensity (much like with wine grapes). Heirloom coffee varietals grow among cultivated coffee trees, and Tesema uses only organic fertilizers. His careful agronomic management (under the mentorship of world-leading agronomy expert Getu Bekele) translates into healthy soil, healthy trees, and delicious coffee.