Brewphoria | Hacienda Limon, Ecuador 100g

Brewphoria | Hacienda Limon, Ecuador 100g


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Hacienda Limón on the Guantupi River in Ecuador is where we get this beautiful bean with caramel, floral notes. A sweet, chocolatey aroma greets you when you open the package.


How to brew cacao at home


The brewing ratio depends on how you like your cacao (mild or intense) and which beans are you using.

Start with the 10% rule: 10g of grounds (1 full tablespoon) for 100 ml of water (½ cup). Adjust to your taste (mild or intense).

A good way to start is using the 10% rule - 10 to 12g of grounds (~1 rounded tablespoon) for 100 to 120ml of water (~ half a cup), and you can play around from there and adjust to your taste.

You can brew using a French Press, a Tea Filter or even a pot directly on the stove and filter with a sieve. With a French Press / Tea filter: add the ground cacao first and pour hot / boiling water on top (if you have a glass container, the hotter the better). Let it steep for at least 5 minutes (or longer), filter and go!

Brewing Instructions:

French press: add grounds then pour boiling water over and let it steep, covered, for at least 6 minutes. Stir again before filtering.

Stove: heat the desired amount of water, then add cacao and let it steep or simmer at low heat for 5 minutes or
more. Use a fine mesh sieve to filter (not paper). This method results in a more intense drink.

Here you can also add spices, like cinnamon or cardamom. Use a fine mesh sieve or paper filter to filter the grounds. If you’re using a paper filter, it may get blocked. Use a spoon to help it flow.

Cacao Brew is a great coffee replacement, but also a delicious coffee booster! Try mixing it with your morning coffee for a twist on "mocha" with real cacao. Delicious and energizing!

Tip for zero waste:

Leftover grounds are edible: use them in baking recipes or mix in your smoothies, porridge or yogurt.

Re-brewing is also possible, resulting in a milder taste.