Casa Marrazzo | Carciofini Di Schito Crema 310g

Casa Marrazzo | Carciofini Di Schito Crema 310g


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The purple artichoke of Schito, a fraction of Castellammare di Stabia, is a very ancient variant of the Romanesco. It is perfect both as a second course and as an appetizer. We select the best artichokes from controlled companies and process them fresh to prepare the Schito artichoke cream with Casa Marrazzo olive oil.

Schito artichokes are also called "Violetti di Castellammare". They are recognized for some well-defined aspects: large size and the color of the bracts (leaves), green with purple hues. Schito artichoke is a Slow Food Violet Artichoke Presidium

Enjoyed best as is, rich deep artichoke flavour, perfect just with bread. Spaghetti, artichoke paste, fried pancetta or bacon, so a simple, luxurious meal.