Casa Marrazzo | Melanzane a Filetti in Olio 300g

Casa Marrazzo | Melanzane a Filetti in Olio 300g


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Casa Marrazzo's aubergines fillets in oil represent a typical preserve of Southern Italy. A product of excellence of Neapolitan cuisine. The aubergines fillets in oil are prepared with the same care and abundance of our grandmothers: preserving the taste of tradition.

This tasty vegetable is ideal for an appetizer, a side dish, or as an ingredient to dress salads, pizzas or gourmet sandwiches.


Recipe - Crema di Mellanzane Spaghettoni

- 200g Spaghettoni
- Drained Jar of Casa Marrazzo's Aubergines
- 1 Clove Garlic
- 30g almonds
- 50g Parmigiano Reggiano
- (Good) olive oil
- A few basil leaves
- Salt and pepper

•Cook Spaghettoni al dente. (Reserve the cooking water)
•Blend Aubergine with the garlic, almonds, parmigiano, basil leaves, a good swig of olive oil, salt and pepper.
• Mix in with the still wet pasta and add a splash of pasta water to loosen the sauce.