19grams | Guatemala - Finca La Bolsa

19grams | Guatemala - Finca La Bolsa


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Lot Name: Peña Blanca
Washed and dried on Patios for 18 - 22 days
Caturra, Bourbon
1600 masl
María Elena Vides
Finca La Bolsa
108 HA

This wonderful coffee from Guatemala comes from the Finca La Bolsa. The small coffee plantation is located in La Libertad, in Huehuetenango, and is run by Jorge Vides, the third generation.

The lot we roasted for you is called Peña Blanca. The beans are picked by hand when they are ripe and deep red. They are brought to the farm where they are washed. After washing, the coffee beans are dried on patios for 18-22 days. 

We chose to filter roast Peña Blanca to bring out the subtle notes of white chocolate, red apple and orange blossom.

About the farm
Finca La Bolsa was founded in 1958 by Jorge Vides, a medical doctor. Located in La Libertad, Huehuetenango, the coffee plantation was more of a hobby than a business. 

His humanitarian sense went beyond coffee production. In 1980, he founded a school that still operates on the farm, which has since been named after him and approved by the Ministry of Education.

Jorge Vides bought the land, which was still forested at the time, and started growing the Bourbon and Caturra coffee varieties. And he did so very successfully. Only four years later, "Anacafé" awarded him the title "Distinguished Coffee Grower" for the exceptional cup quality his coffees achieve.

Meanwhile, Finca La Bolsa is Rainforest Alliance certified and has brought coffees into the final round of the Cup of Excellence. Jorge's incredible success is due to his commitment and the special attention he pays to the sustainability of cultivation and his role as a producer. For him - as for us - it is important that the living standards of his work in and his country improve, as well as the quality of the coffees he produces.

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