Doubleshot | Ethiopia - Danche 300g

Doubleshot | Ethiopia - Danche 300g


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This beautiful fresh crop Ethiopian coffee comes from the Danche station in Chelbessa, Yirgacheffe. Both the terroir and the fully washed process give it an intense floral aromatics, lovely notes of tropical fruits, black tea and citruses.

Country of origin: Ethiopia
Farm: Danche, Worka Chelbess, Yirgacheffe
Variety: Arabica wolisho and dega
Processing: Washed
Certification:  Coffee from the hands of the farmer
Taste: Tropical fruit, black tea, citrus

We are Doubleshot, a coffee roastery, three coffee shops, a training center, a pastry shop but first and foremost, a team of people who love the world of premium coffee. We have been living coffee since 2009, hand-picking it working with farmers around the world, roasting it at a location close to Prague and selling it to all who appreciate its freshness and flavor diversity.