Dr. Jaglas | Herber Hibiskus (Alcohol-free)

Dr. Jaglas | Herber Hibiskus (Alcohol-free)


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San Aperitivo made in Germany? Even without alcohol? Yes, it's true and it is also mighty delightful. Created and produced in a pharmacy in Wuppertal, this alcohol-free aperitivo shines bright like a diamond, oh well, ruby. Anyway, it tastes amazing.



Tart hibiscus is always enjoyed as the basis of long drinks with a squeezed lime. The petals give the drinks a natural red color, which is why berries or rosemary are ideal as a garnish.

"Hibiskus Spritz" (Signature Drink)

1 part herb hibiscus / 3 parts tonic water / 1/2 lime
wine glass or tumbler
berries or rosemary
ice cubes

Food pairing:

Goat cheese, chocolate, fig, nuts

0,0% ABV