Dried Mushrooms from Frische Kappen


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Archipel Berlin


Oyster, King Oyster, and Shiitake mushrooms - locally grown and dried, for your winter broth and soups.

Shiitake - Shiitake has been cultivated in Asia for a long time. They are used in Chinese medicine and are highly regarded for their manifold healing effects.
Dried shiitake is very often used in Asian dishes, but is also a tasty addition for European cuisine. The strong, slightly garlic-like taste, brings umami into soups, sauces, or even fried dishes.

King Oysters - Originally from the Mediterranean region, this mushroom is now known by many people as a protein supplier.
Dried King Oysters can be used in many ways in the kitchen. Especially in risotto but also in cooked or fried dishes where they unfold their fine aroma reminiscent of porcini mushrooms.
King Oysters retain their firm consistency when cooked.

Oyster Mushrooms - The oyster mushroom is spread all over the world and has been cultivated for a long time. Its flesh is white and firm, smells pleasantly aromatic, and tastes slightly nutty. This gourmet mushroom has a high content of proteins and B-vitamins is an excellent meat substitute. It is used in all cooked or fried dishes or also as an aromatic refinement of sauces.

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