Drop Coffee | Limoncillo - Nicaragua


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Flavour profile:
 This coffee makes a sweet sand steady cup with a medium mouthfeel. Strong notes of toffee, with roasted hazelnuts and a hint of red apple and a lingering finish of cacao nibs.
Category: Comfortable 
 Dr. Erwin Mierisch with family 
 Finca Limoncillo 
Varietal: Caturra
Process: Washed
Municipality: Yasica Norte in the Matagalpa region 
Harvested: January 2021
Altitude: 1200 meters above sea level
Farm size: 171 manzanas of which 109 hectares is growing coffee
Roast level: The coffee is roasted to a light to medium level, to enhance the natural sweetness in the coffee. 

The fresh harvest of Limoncillo 2021 has landed! This is a coffee that goes into the category we call comfortable. It is just a steady, really good coffee, chocolatey and round. So if you do not feel for any high acidity, fruity coffee and just want to go safe - this is your pick! It will still be roasted to a light to medium roast level, so remember to use a temperate between 93-96 degrees when you brew it.