Eccellenze Alimentari Fedeli | Guanciale

Eccellenze Alimentari Fedeli | Guanciale


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Guanciale comes from the Italian word "guancia," meaning cheek, which, skillfully cured with sea salt, natural flavors, sugar, garlic, and pepper, can become a guanciale that hits the right balance of succulence and flavor.

The Lazio-based family business Eccellenze Alimentari Fedeli has been committed to authentic Italian gastronomy since 1976. Their longevity attests to a consistent quality that captures the essence of Italian culinary traditions without overcomplicating things. In a market crowded with imitations, Fedeli’s guanciale stands out for its integrity, serving as a genuine taste of Italian culinary artisanship.

When it comes to usage, their guanciale serves as an exquisite component in pasta dishes. It's an indispensable ingredient for an authentic Carbonara, where its texture, flavor and precious fat meld perfectly with the creamy sauce. A more casual application could be dicing the guanciale and sautéing it with onions to elevate a risotto or pasta sauce.

Aging: 60 days.
Ingredients: Pork, salt, garlic, dextrose, sucrose, flavorings, spices, E300, E252. It does not contain gluten.