El Salvador - Ruffatti Batlle : Cherry 250g

El Salvador - Ruffatti Batlle : Cherry 250g


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This anaerobic natural processed Bourbon from the Ruffatti-Batlle family has beautiful vibrant acidity, viscosity and loads of sweetness. We are happy to recommend this coffee for all brewing methods. It delivers a sweet and syrupy cup with loads of sweetness and complexity.

We recommend this coffee for filter coffee, espresso, french press, pour-over, AeroPress.

Flavour notes: Ripe cherry, natural wine, lychee

Origin: Cerro el Aquila
Producer: Rodolfo Ruffatti-Batlle 
Farm: Finca El Salvador
Variety: Bourbon 
Processing: Anaerobic natural 
Altitude: 1640 masl
Importer: direct trade
Beginning of the relationship: 2019
FOB: 3,96$/kg


Finca El Salvador has been in the Ruffatti Batlle family for five generations. Rodolfo, who is representing the new generation has embarked on a mission to introduce new varieties as well as advanced processing methods to the family farm. 

While planting rarities like Sudan Rume, SL 28, Tabi and Pink Bourbon he focuses on improving the cup profile of the older varieties grown in lower altitude. These cherries have been fermented in an oxygen-free tank for 48 hours, before being moved to the drying beds. This enables aromatic compounds from the skin to absorb to the mucilage and finally to the bean.

This coffee is made with love from the very beginning in order to bring you joy. 
We hope you enjoy it.