Exspectatia 2019 - Christian Ducroux

Exspectatia 2019 - Christian Ducroux


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Rocket Wine


Beaujolais – France 

Grape : Gamay

Dark fruit compote – silky- cherry juice-

Christian Ducroux has more than 30 years of natural winemaking of experience. In the Beaujolais region all winemaker has an immense respect for him and the young winemaker as well as the already established one see him as inspiration. The winemaker is very quiet and calm. If you want to see him you need to go to his vineyards which he works with his horses and the helps of other animals such as chicken and tiny pigs. His work consist at observing his environment and constantly putting himself into reconsideration which for him is essential considering that he works arm in arm with a much bigger element.. the nature. His wines are to try!

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