Farben Kaffee | Light Blue - Ethiopia - 250g


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The light blue version is also floral and fragrant but more a black tea than a white tea, and more jasmin than peach. Its the best suitable coffee for milk beverages.

Guji Hambela

Producer: Testi Coffee
Finca: Bishan Wate Washing Station
Origin: Ethiopia
Region: West Guji
Altitude: 2000m
Variety: Heirloom
Processing: Natural
Crop: 2023
Flavor: Blueberry Jam, Apricot, Nougat, Black Tea


BishanWate is a privately owned washing station located in Ethiopia's West Guji zone. 'Bishan' means water and is also the name of the river that runs washing station. With the help of the water, a large part of the annual harvest is processed. During harvest out growers from nearby deliver freshly picked through the independent coffee cherries to the washing station. The high-altitude region combined with cool temperatures is ideal for slow ripening of coffee cherries, leading to denser beans and sweeter, more complex cup profile.


This is us – a specialty coffee roastery at a lake close to berlin, with a shop in prenzlauer berg


we’re emilia and ebrahim.

one women, one men.

one tall, one small.

one with hair, one without.

we’ve got to know each other when one of us asked the other for an internship.

But it didn’t take long until we realised we have the same intentions, the same energy and the same fun roasting, baking, cooking and gathering people. From beans, to chairs, to flowers, to cinnamon buns.

We love to put love in life and we love to share our love.

The moment when we don’t think about anything else is when we taste textures, smell fragrances, feel atmospheres or talk about ideas.

Farben is our specialty coffee roastery at a lake close to Berlin. It’s on the bicycle road from berlin to copenhagen. Always a few steps away from a swim in the nature and just a little bit of hot water away from tasty coffee.

Why do we call it specialty? Even though we think it has been talked enough about this topic, we have to adress it.

We source direct farm coffee that was treated with extra care and reached a quality with the least score at 86 Points, we pay fair prices to the farmers and roast on an electric energy roaster that is powered by green electricity.

We sell our coffees in home compostable packages, we print our labels on metapaper, which is made with wind power and we print with riso – vegetable oil- colors. They are beautiful by the way.

And our employees have a full time four-day week position, where they still are able to enjoy work, as much as they are able to continue growing in their private life.

We wish a better future for all of us and we start by working with our best capabilities, the best ingredients, with the smartest approach, wearing the happiest smile possible, making tasty tasty coffee.

Why Farben? We like to categorize flavor in colors. For us its the best way to articulate what we taste.

And we’re sourcing coffee by colors and will always offer you different coffees from every color. You choose a coffee by a colour and if you liked it, you stick with it. If you want to experience the whole rainbow you try one after another.