Fratelli Pinna | Pecorino Romano DOP min 353g


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NOTE : Every piece is freshly cut by hand directly from the wheel. Size and price might vary every week.

Pecorino Romano DOP cheese can only be produced only in Lazio, Sardinia (most of it) and in the province of Grosseto, and exclusively with sheep milk and rennet from local flocks.

Today Fratelli Pinna is one of the largest dairy producers in Sardinia, the milk comes from flocks from all over Sardinia, and is processed in Thiesi, in the north west of the island.

Production begins with the addition of the starter cultures to the heated milk: a set of lactic ferments prepared every day by the dairy. Following coagulation from the addition of rennet, the mass is cut, mixed and put into 20kg forms. There it matures for 8-12 months.

It's hard crystalline texture and sharp & salty flavor make it an excellent grating cheese over pasta dishes, breads and baking casseroles.

We recommend it for Cacio e Pepe, carbonara, Amatriciana and other classic italian pasta dishes, pairs beautifully with a bottle of Antonio Gismodi | Crucella 2020.

Ingredients: Sheep milk, salt, lamb rennet, lactic ferments