Heidenpeters Beer


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Heidenpeters brews in the cellars of the historic Markthalle Neun . At our own bar, our beer flows naturally cloudy and untreated through 13 taps directly from the brewery below into the glass. It is filled in bottles and occasionally in cans that are available at our bar, in the webshop or from our sales partners in Berlin.


Pale Ale - American hops provide this American Pale Ale with an intensely fruity beer taste that is reminiscent of mango and citrus fruits.

In addition, a little caramel and sweetness from the malt as well as a light, pleasant bitterness in the finish. Always works!

Top-fermented full beer,
alcohol: 5, 3% vol.
Ingredients: water, barley malt , hops, yeast.
Natural - unfiltered and unpasteurized


Thirsty Lady - Light and refreshing blonde ale. 

Our entry-level beer for everyone who doesn't want to drink lager.

Easy to drink and brewed and stuffed exclusively with German aroma hops (Perle, Cascade).

Pleasant spiciness, paired with fruit and a slight bitterness in the finish.