Vote Coffee - Heute Blend


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Roasted by: Vote Coffee, Berlin

Components: 75% Brazil : 25% Colombia

Producers: Cafeina Women’s Group : Red Association Villamaria

Importers: Falcon Specialty : Raw Material

Processing: Natural : Fully Washed

Flavour Profile: Dark chocolate, malt, red apple, red grape, hazelnut

Roast: Espresso

The Heute Blend is our everyday espresso, suitable to be enjoyed by everyone from the seasoned coffee professional to those seeking a cup of morning joe. The components of this blend change seasonally, allowing us to always use coffees that are fresh and tasting good. While the coffees themselves may change, we aim to always keep the Heute Blend balanced, sweet and full-bodied.

We don’t believe that accessibility and quality should be mutually exclusive: we want everyone to be able to enjoy good coffee, with or without (plant) milk everyday.