HyCoffee | F1 hybrid 250g

HyCoffee | F1 hybrid 250g


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Milenio (F1 hybrid) is a cross between the resistant Sarchimor and Rume Sudan, an original Ethiopian Arabica variety. Milenio is high-yielding and more resistant to climatic changes and pests.

F1 hybrids are crosses between two open-pollinated strains that are bred to combine their positive attributes. F1 hybrids, i.e. the first branch generation of a cross, are not true to the variety, which means that the plants of the second daughter generation (F2 hybrids) turn out differently. With F1 hybrids, coffee producers have an important and effective means of combining climate-resilient and flavorful attributes of Arabica varieties with each other. These factors include not only resistance to heat and drought, but also, for example, resilience to storms.


type of coffee Milenio (F1)
origin Llano Bonito, Naranjo , Costa Rica
mounting height 1800m 
processing washed
Lead farmer Fernando & Angie

Orange, Black Tea and Brown Sugar