Jacopo Stigliano | Lauv 2019

Jacopo Stigliano | Lauv 2019


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Rocket Wine


Emilia Romagna - Italy
Grapes : Field blend of 7 different varieties of grapes such as Barbera - Sangiovese- Pinot noir - Negrette
13,50 %


A longer maceration of the grape's skin.
Leftover skin from the short maceration of the Hiraeth wine are added so there is more skins than there are grapes in that juice.
Aging fo 1.5 years in barrels, plus 6 more months in bottles, without any sulfites added.

Ready to drink but - if you're patient - this wine has a big aging potential !
A good showcasing of an older, traditional winemaking of Emilia region in this bottle.

Jeff says :
" A Romagna with longer and deeper maceration of the red."