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We tried this cheese with Jeff from Rocket Wine, and Jeff says :
La Vinicola di Gismondi | Fontana 2019
(And we agreed !)


Farmers from four small side valleys of the Emmental come together in Zäziwil. The cheese goes through three cellar cycles: in the first 12 months it is lubricated, then it enters the cironé phase.
"Ciron" means mite in french, which also describes the phase: the rind is eaten off by mites, which allows the cheese to continue maturing and not suffocate in its own coat. Finally, the cheese goes into an oil cellar. first of all there is a wellness program – it is massaged in with oil, turned and then rested until it has reached its optimum ripening time.


an interplay of dark caramel and malt can be seen in its intense aroma. despite its salinity and age, it remains surprisingly creamy.


Served with a fruit bread. Or how about a risotto in a hollowed-out cironé loaf – a poem.