Klaar | Cuvée 2 - Pet Nat Cider 2020

Klaar | Cuvée 2 - Pet Nat Cider 2020


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Pet Nat Cider

25% Cox Orange

25% Boskop

25% Ingrid Marie

25% Finkenwerder Herbstprinz

 Style: Pétillant naturel Cider made of old 'Altländer' apple varieties. Combined to create a full-bodied and spicy cider that goes well in autumn.

 Characteristics: 7.0% vol. / Bubbles / dry / unfiltered / no added sulfur (<10 mg / l)

Full-bodied smell of ripe apples and spices. Fine Bubbles  and a powerful taste with a handy tannin structure.

The perfect companion through the autumn.

All fermented individually, then cuvéetted and filled during fermentation. After bottle fermentation and adequate aging, disgorged by hand in end of July 2021. Most of the lees have been removed.