Komma Chocolate | 71% Belize 30g


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Komma Chocolate


A rich, dark chocolate made with organic cocoa beans, organic raw cane sugar and 1% organic cocoa butter.  Tasting notes are red, juicy fruits and brownie batter.


Each batch is made in small quantities with close attention to detail. Even the tempering process (the process that provides the ‘snap’ in chocolate) which usually is done by machine by other businesses is also done by hand.Currently, Komma has 4 bars available: 71% Belize and 76% Philippines, and inclusion bars, such as her Oat Milk Mocha and Peter Pan bar, a toasted white chocolate with peanuts and dark chocolate.The plan for Komma is to continue to include different flavors and origins in the product line, and share her definition of what bean-to-bar craft chocolate is.