Lager-Lager 6-Pack


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Lager Lager


Berlin’s freshest and finest.

The best way to introduce yourself to Berlin’s incredible beer scene. We send a changing selection according to what’s fresh in store from at least 6 different local & independent breweries.

BRLO – Stormy Saison 
An ode to the Belgian farmers, yeast forward, spicy and refreshing! 

Brewer’s Tribute – Dry Stout 
Local interpretation of an Irish Stout from a small brewery in Marzahn.  Surprisingly suited to hot weather, this stout is roasty and dry without being heavy.  

Rollberg - Hell 
You know it from your favourite kiezkneipen, now it’s available in a can! Brewed in Neukölln.   

Motel - White Sands Pale Ale 
Soft & juicy.  Motel’s Pale Ale may as well be the official drink of Gluten Free societies around the world because it is DELICIOUS. 

Schneeeule – Irmgard  
Traditional Berliner Weisse brewed with ginger, pomegranate and orange peel. It’s crazy but it works so well.  

Heidenpeters - Hazy Heidi 
Hazy IPA from our neighbours in the Markthalle IX. Smooth body with intense tropical hop notes.

6 different beers from 6 different local breweries; these beers change weekly and the pictures may not be accurate in depicting the beers which you will be receiving!


Please note pfand of €0,08 per bottle is included in the purchase of this product.

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