L'Ame Heureux 2018

L'Ame Heureux 2018


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Domaine de L Atrie, Loire, France - Grolleau

Elise has worked for other winemakers for 10 years before finding her own beautiful vineyard in the Loire in 2017. She felt it was time for her to use all her knowledge to make her own wines. She believes in the use of the animals to bring wine to life, for instance the use of sheeps to control the side weeds in winter and to bring manure( food) to the vineyard.She also plans to use 100 % horses power instead of the tractor. She is also preparing her own herbal medicine to spray her vineyards. The Grapes are happy and we can feel that when we drink her wine. Ame Heureux, which means HAPPY SOUL, is made from an ancient grape variety called Grolleau... Very juicy! A wine maker to follow closely!

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