Linden Honey

Linden Honey


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The linden tree from Berlin is a spicy honey with a minty note and a very aromatic, strong taste. Linden honey is light golden to golden brown in colour. Due to its high glucose content (dextrose), linden honey tends to coarse crystallization in the glass and is therefore refined by regular stirring before bottling.

The lime tree is the largest single plant in Berlin. It is thanks to the urban development in the post-war period that beekeepers were also consulted when choosing the city's greenery. Since then, Berlin has been considered one of the most linden-rich locations in Germany. In some years the lime trees not only supply rich nectar through their flowers, but also through the honeydew on the leaves produced by aphids. The higher the proportion of honeydew, the darker the lime honey is in colour and the more pronounced the malt note is in taste.

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