Little Bastard 2019 (Riesling / Sauv Blanc)

Little Bastard 2019 (Riesling / Sauv Blanc)


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Staffelter Hof – Mosel, DE

Grape: Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Muskateller

Little bastard has everything we like about wine. It is an hybrid between a white and an orange wine. You can drink  at any occasion and it is said to give you a lot of energy back. Jan, the wine maker, made this wine and this label at first to shake things up a little in the Mosel Region, which is very conservative when it comes to wine. He wanted to show that there are other ways to let express the beauty of the vineyards out there. What we can say after 4 vintages of Little bastard is that Jan has succeed.

A must try, but make sure you have a helmet on!