Little Red Riding Wolf 2019 (Pinot Noir)

Little Red Riding Wolf 2019 (Pinot Noir)


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Staffelter hof
Mosel - Deutschland
Grape: Pinot noir
Cherry juice- spices – round – comfortable
Jan Matthias Klein grew up on a vineyard surrounded by Riesling.
In the Mosel everything is about the Riesling grape. It does not mean than Jan does not know how to vinifies perfectly Pinot noir. His Father had the beautiful vision of planting other grape varieties than Riesling so the domain could propose a bigger variety of wine but as well to make sure the family could produce enough if a bad year would hit the Riesling production. Now with climate change this decision proof to be a genious one! Have you ever had a pinot noir from the Mosel Region ? If not this is your chance.