Loppokaffee | Brasilien - BIO Bob-O-Link

Loppokaffee | Brasilien - BIO Bob-O-Link


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Coffee, New This Week


Mococa, Sao Paulo

Direct trade, single origin


Suitable for filter coffee and espresso


Cooperative / farm: FAF, families Assis & Leonel, Bob-O-Link project

Taste: cocoa, vanilla, dark berries

Body: silky

Acid: gentle

Sweetness: pronounced

Roast level: medium


Harvest: July 2020

Mounting height: 1000 - 1200 m

Preparation: pulped natural

Importer: Loppo coffee

Varieties: Catuaí, Mundo Novo & Arara


Axel and Kira traveled to Brazil in 2012 to see the FAF's "Bob-O-Link" project. The aim here is to operate sustainable coffee cultivation in a network of farmers and thus to increase the quality of coffee and the quality of life. Special attention is paid to the environment, the coffee is grown in small fields and picked by hand. This has nothing to do with Brazil's industrial coffee!

In 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Axel was able to visit our partners from the FAF in Brazil more times. The positive impression that we have had for a long time has been confirmed again and again during numerous cupings and visits to farmers.

Although a trip to Brazil was unfortunately not possible in 2020, we were able to benefit from our long-term relationship and still find this wonderful Bob-O-Link. This year it is again organically grown, which was very important to us. In addition, we pay 0.11 USD per kilogram of green coffee for the FAF's Bob-O-Link project, which is committed to water and soil quality, among other things. That makes 2112 USD for the entire container that Loppo coffee imported.


This sun-dried coffee is ideal as a balanced, sweet espresso, but can also be enjoyed as a chocolaty filter coffee. We roast the Bob-O-Link medium light. He has a good, silky body, a pronounced sweetness and a gentle acidity. Cocoa, vanilla and dark berries dominate the taste.